Who is this course intended for?

Originally this course was designed for nurses who will be taking the state boards within the next few months. After evaluation, we realized this can be a great tool for students entering a nursing program, nurses re-entering a curriculum after taking a leave of absence, and for generally all associate degree nursing students as a whole.

This course is designed to give you a thorough overview of all concepts of nursing care and skills. We also take all feedback and questions through a review board which includes veteran nurses, doctors (who appreciate and realize the need for knowledgeable nurses), and most importantly new grad nurses who recently passed the boards and just began working in the field.

Is your review intended for RN or PN students?

Both! The NCLEX®RN and NCLEX®PN evaluate core concepts based on what EVERY nurse needs to know to practice safely. Based on customer feedback, our course helped both the RN and PN students pass their boards. Although the role of PN and RN vary depending on the state of practice, we cover core concepts which are applicable to both.

How long is the course valid?

The course is valid for three months from the date of purchase. If you need an extension (discounted price of $25 for each 30 day extension) just click here.

Can I just use this course to pass the exam?

That is our intention. The material was taken from several sources and vastly condensed. Due to the low price of our course, some candidates use our review in conjunction with others. However, just using our review covers the high yield facts and saves hours of time (and some pretty dry reading!). As with anything in life you will get out of this review what you put in. We suggest that you spend an adequate amount of time reviewing the material in the lectures in order to succeed. Just because you buy the review we do not promise that you will pass via osmosis (dang it)!

What exactly is provided when I purchase for $149?

1) Our online review (Free Online Sample)
This is a "down and dirty" efficient audio-visual lecture created from all existing study materials with a twist of humor and entertainment. We have taken heavy feedback from those who have successfully passed the exam and minimized the "nice to know" material. We are continuously working to update our material to keep it pertinent for the actual exam.

2) Sample 76 Question Quiz - mimics actual NCLEX exam and helps you improve your test taking skills by giving you a "hands on feel" to the actual NCLEX exam you will take!

3) Bonus! Downloadable "help sheets"  - $200 value!

These downloadable "help sheets" are study guides uniquely designed by a working RNs who passed their boards within the last 5 years. They include NCLEX style questions which will boost your score. The "help sheets" cover some of the most difficult topics to study in school. The study questions in these "help sheets" are created by newly registered nurses who came to agreement on topics of importance which are most similar to the actual exam.


Why not study in the comfort of your own home, save a tree, and keep your sanity by not having to read boring (and often outdated) material!
Why should I purchase this review instead of other products?

Because our review is:

1) Constantly updated

  • Many existing question banks/sources are horribly outdated
  • We receive constant feedback from those who have successfully passed the exam
2) Efficient
  • Our online audio-visual lecture may be completed in 10 hours from the comfort of your own home
  • After this, fine tune your knowledge with downloadable "help sheets" which focus on testable concepts based on feedback from those who have taken the exam
  • Instant access after purchase - no need to wait for materials to come in the mail
  • Other sources are several hundred pages long, wordy, and often provide incorrect information (but they are a good cure for insomnia!)
3) Comprehensive
  • We have created our review from all existing study materials
  • We have received input from your colleagues who have passed
  • We feel we have found the perfect balance of "comprehensive" while weeding out the "nice to know" material
4) Cheapest
  • We are the cheapest online review that exists
  • For only $149 you receive a comprehensive (yet efficient) online review and bonus downloadable "help sheets" ($200 value!)
  • Have leftover money to buy another review (or go buy a beer!)
5) Successful
  • We know you will pass
  • We have a nearly 100% pass rate!
  • Contact us if you fail. We can learn from your experience and will consider a money back guarantee on a case by case basis.
6) Fun
  • We can't make this into the "Tonight Show" but we can keep you awake
  • Kylie's accent alone is entertaining
7) Saves a tree
  • Go green!
  • Keep your sanity by not having to read torturous manuals!
How long does it take to complete your review?

Our audio-visual review is intended to be a very concise review which can be completed in about 10 hours at your own pace. Based on feedback from students after their NCLEX exam, we have filtered down the content to the extremely high yield material which is heavily tested. We omit the "nice to know" material not tested on the NCLEX. In addition to our audio-visual review, our short sample quiz of 50 questions very closely mimics the actual exam so you can be maximally prepared. With this extremely time efficient, high yield review we have a nearly 100% pass rate. Save valuable time and still pass by studying what you need to know for the NCLEX!

Is there a money back guarantee?

So far, we have a nearly 100% pass rate with our review. We will consider a money back guarantee on a case by case basis. We could use your feedback to improve our course.

Are you officially endorsed by the NCSBN?

No. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is not in a position to officially endorse any of the currently existing study materials or board review courses (including our course or other courses).

Do you offer CE credit?

No. We have found that most nurses prefer our low cost instead. Adding CE would increase our prices.

This presentation is not working on my Mac/iPhone/iPad. What do I do?

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