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NCLEX Review and Preparation offers an affordable NCLEX Review that is GUARANTEED to better prepare any nurse for the NCLEX Exam, which is required for licensure. Our comprehensive online review includes:

1 Concise material derived from thousands of pages of nursing board exam review material.
2 Specially designed "Quiz Questions" so you know what to expect when taking your NCLEX  Exam.
3 Informative audio & visuals to strenghten your understanding and improve material retention.

Downloadable “Help Sheet” to use during the course to facilitate studying for the NCLEX Exam.


A touch of humor to keep you engaged and alert throughout the course of the review.

"I was short on time and admittedly did not view the entirety of this product. I did however view many specific areas where I was having trouble multiple times. This helped me a lot with acid/base levels and mastering cardiac questions where before I struggled. I have since recommended this to several friends looking to pass their nursing boards."

"Thank you for a wonderful product! I really enjoyed your NCLEX study. I passed my NCLEX on the first try!! I used your power points along with the program that was provided to me by my school. I can't think of anything else that needs to be added. I felt your program is very comprehensive and easy to use. It's a great product and I loved it! Thanks."

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