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NCLEX Review and Preparation offers an affordable NCLEX Review that is GUARANTEED to better prepare any nurse for the NCLEX Exam, which is required for licensure. Our comprehensive online review includes:

1 Concise material derived from thousands of pages of nursing board exam review material.
2 Specially designed "Quiz Questions" so you know what to expect when taking your NCLEX  Exam.
3 Informative audio & visuals to strenghten your understanding and improve material retention.

Downloadable “Help Sheet” to use during the course to facilitate studying for the NCLEX Exam.


A touch of humor to keep you engaged and alert throughout the course of the review.

"Just wanted to say I passed my NCLEX exam. Thank you for the course, it was an excellent review. I think I learned more from it then I did in nursing school. I am a slower learner, but your course made it easier for me to comprehend and retain information."

"I just wanted to say that I loved your program. The voiceover and interactive component makes your program superior to everything else I've tried. All the reinforcement of buzz words and silly jokes helped me to understand the harder topics much more clearly than from reading alone or a basic lecture. I chose this program after not being successful my first time taking NCLEX. Thank you!"

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