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About Study NCLEX

StudyNCLEX.com offers an affordable NCLEX Review that will better prepare any nurse for the NCLEX Exam, which is required for licensure. Our comprehensive online review will better prepare you for what kinds of questions to expect on the NCLEX Exam. Our goal is to help each student pass with flying colors and have accomplished this goal time and time again with our informative review.

We have taken thousands of pages of nursing board exam review material and comprised it into a simple, concise format. We have presented the core material in a manner that will allow you to retain the most important information efficiently. Instead of studying endless pages of dry material, we have added a touch of humor to our coursework so that you will stay engaged and alert throughout the review.

Our coursework is presented in organized slides, which utilize informative multimedia and audio lessons to engage both your visual and auditory senses to provide the most comprehensive teaching possible. We also provide downloadable help sheets and study questions to test your knowledge.

This NCLEX Review is ideal for the busy nurse. The coursework can be completed online, in your own home, and according to your own schedule. Our online reviews can be completed in as little as eight to ten hours. Make sure to take advantage of our “1 week” and “1 day” review and mock NCLEX exam to better prepare you for the exam. It will also provide you with an idea of how you are doing and where you can improve.

Award Winning Faculty

The StudyNCLEX online course is taught by award winning Dr. Sudip Bose and recent graduate Benina Vuelvas, both of whom are highly regarded in their respective fields. In addition they have consulted other extremely successful nurses.

No Traveling Required

Why deal with the headache and cost of traveling to prepare for the NCLEX? Our online review course allows nurses to prepare for the NCLEX exam in the comfort of their homes.

100% Guarantee That You'll Pass!

So far, no one has failed the exam using our review. Contact us if you fail. We can learn from your experience and will consider a money back guarantee on a case by case basis.

Most Affordable Price On The Web!

You may find other NCLEX review courses on the web, but you will not find any other review course that is as comprehensive or as affordable as our individual courses are each priced at ONLY $299!

Customer Testimonials

“I was panicking a week before my NCLEX. The other courses I took were mostly question strategies and I felt like I needed a strong content review. StudyNCLEX.com gave me the review I needed and helped build my confidence for test day. I passed on my first try. Thank you so much!”
“I was short on time and admittedly did not view the entirety of this product. I did however view many specific areas where I was having trouble multiple times. This helped me a lot with acid/base levels and mastering cardiac questions where before I struggled. I have since recommended this to several friends looking to pass their nursing boards.”
“Thank you for a wonderful product! I really enjoyed your NCLEX study. I passed my NCLEX on the first try!! I used your power points along with the program that was provided to me by my school. I can’t think of anything else that needs to be added. I felt your program is very comprehensive and easy to use. It’s a great product and I loved it! Thanks.”
“I just wanted to say that I loved your program. The voiceover and interactive component makes your program superior to everything else I’ve tried. All the reinforcement of buzzwords and silly jokes helped me to understand the harder topics much more clearly than from reading alone or a basic lecture. I chose this program after not being successful my first time taking NCLEX. Thank you!”

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