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What Is StudyNCLEX? offers an affordable NCLEX Review that is GUARANTEED to better prepare any nurse for the NCLEX Exam, which is required for licensure. Our comprehensive online review is perfect for immediately before your exam and includes:

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Why Use StudyNCLEX?

Because you can’t restudy everything you’ve learned and our “1 week” and “1 day” review are derived from the actual NCLEX exam and will maximize your score! StudyNCLEX provides nurses with an online succinct, didactic review of the core material tested by the Board of Nursing on the NCLEX which is required for licensure. We will strengthen your knowledge and prepare you for the NCLEX. This elegantly designed, concise course is intended to provide adequate material so that you can pass your boards and get on with your life. Exam is administered to nurses desiring a professional licensure in the field of nursing. We realize the NCLEX is not the end, it is only the beginning of your clinical practice. Find yourself better prepared for your clinical practice after taking the only online course taught not only by practicing nurses but also by a physician. Learn testable NCLEX material in the clinical context of a nursing and physician perspective so you can optimize your clinical performance and impress everyone as a newly board-certified nurse!

Award Winning Faculty

The StudyNCLEX online course is taught by award winning Dr. Sudip Bose and recent graduate Benina Vuelvas, both of whom are highly regarded in their respective fields. In addition they have consulted other extremely successful nurses.

No Traveling Required

Why deal with the headache and cost of traveling to prepare for the NCLEX? Our online review course allows nurses to prepare for the NCLEX exam in the comfort of their homes.

100% Guarantee That You'll Pass!

So far, no one has failed the exam using our review. Contact us if you fail. We can learn from your experience and will consider a money back guarantee on a case by case basis.

Most Affordable Price On The Web!

You may find other NCLEX review courses on the web, but you will not find any other review course that is as comprehensive or as affordable as our individual courses are each priced at ONLY $299!

Our Teachers

Meet The Teachers!

Sudip Bose, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

Sudip Bose, M.D. is an internationally acclaimed Emergency Medicine physician and educator. He is a graduate of the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas, the highest volume emergency department in the U.S. military.

Benina Vuelvas, RN

Hi! I’m Benina Vuelvas BSN, RN! Let me tell you a little about myself. I received my Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Texas at the Permian Basin. Trust me when I say I feel your struggles and pain while preparing for your NCLEX. 

I was frustrated before I took the NCLEX that there was no succinct high-yield review in the days leading to the exam. It’s impossible to go over everything in the final week! I teamed with Dr. Bose who has started similar “crash course” reviews for other specialties.

Trusted By THOUSANDS of
Nursing Students

Student Feedbacks

Customer Testimonials

“I was panicking a week before my NCLEX. The other courses I took were mostly question strategies and I felt like I needed a strong content review. gave me the review I needed and helped build my confidence for test day. I passed on my first try. Thank you so much!”
“I was short on time and admittedly did not view the entirety of this product. I did however view many specific areas where I was having trouble multiple times. This helped me a lot with acid/base levels and mastering cardiac questions where before I struggled. I have since recommended this to several friends looking to pass their nursing boards.”
“Thank you for a wonderful product! I really enjoyed your NCLEX study. I passed my NCLEX on the first try!! I used your power points along with the program that was provided to me by my school. I can’t think of anything else that needs to be added. I felt your program is very comprehensive and easy to use. It’s a great product and I loved it! Thanks.”
“I just wanted to say that I loved your program. The voiceover and interactive component makes your program superior to everything else I’ve tried. All the reinforcement of buzzwords and silly jokes helped me to understand the harder topics much more clearly than from reading alone or a basic lecture. I chose this program after not being successful my first time taking NCLEX. Thank you!”

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